Month: October 2010

Daily Leadership Thought #48

Focus and discipline will beat IQ points every time. It’s not the most intelligent person who typically wins in business, but instead the individual who stays focused on and committed to their objectives despite the inevitable obstacles and other distractions that will appear.

Daily Leadership Thought #47

You are the Chief Accountability Officer. If you are unhappy with the level of performance in your company, look in the mirror first. The culture of an organization almost always assumes the strongest characteristics of its leader (both good and bad).

Daily Leadership Thought #43 – How We Finish Is More Important Than How We Start

How we finish is more important than how we start; strive to build consistent positive momentum and end with a flourish. Dig down deep and you will find reserves of strength, energy and perseverance you never knew you had in you. By all means, never give up when something is important to you or allow events to let you simply fade away…

Daily Leadership Thought #37

It’s important not just to be a “taker” in life. Being a “giver” is more important in the long run. It’s also been proven that “giving” ultimately leads to higher levels of personal satisfaction and happiness.

Daily Leadership Thought #31

It’s important to ask yourself the following question every once in awhile, ” Would you want to be your child, spouse, sibling or close friend?” These are the relationships that truly matter in life.