Our view is that leadership development is best viewed as navigating a wheel of carefully cultivated skills.  The spokes of the wheel represent the various competencies required.  All of which need to be working in synch with one another to maximize leadership effectiveness.  You may also need to focus on one competency more than others at certain periods and this may also change depending upon internal and/or external dynamics.

The best leaders we know tend to intuitively understand the need for continued growth and flexibility in how they approach their position of responsibility.  High performance leadership requires the following:

  • A balanced and happy life to ensure there is a strong personal foundation
  • A clear understanding that your role is to lead and facilitate others to achieve excellence in their individual and collective roles
  • A consistent and effective approach to your leadership actions that creates a safe, stable and high performing work environment
  • An approach to knowledge that is green and growing where you never stop learning or getting better
  • A leadership team that is aligned and committed to a common set of values, goals and objectives
  • An approach to decision-making that is both fact based and inclusive
  • A communication style that is both thoughtful and empowering

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