The Thinking Life by P.M. Forni

  Introduction: “It is bizarre how many of us have been time-profligate engaging in frivolous searches or retooling our images on social media, all the while neglecting to set aside even a few minutes to do some serious thinking.  True, insight can travel by Twitter, but there is no substitute for uninterrupted reflection and introspection […]

How to Be a Leader by Martin Bjergegaard & Cosmina Popa

  Introduction:   Bystanders vs. Leaders “Bystander apathy… Simply put, the more people who can help, the fewer actually will help. This is attributed to two psychological principles. The first is diffusion of responsibility: ‘With this many people around, why should I help?’ Action or inaction becomes a shared responsibility.” “The second principle is that […]

Common Sense 101: Lessons from G.K. Chesterton by Dale Ahlquist

  Chapter 2: Wonder “The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.’ It makes us look at everything with a new appreciation.”   Chapter 3: The Riddles of God “The mystic is the man who tries to address the doubts and solve the riddles. The mystic is not the man […]

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart by Dr. Gordon Livingston

  “We are not what we think, or what we say, or how we feel.  We are what we do.” “The three components of happiness are something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.” “We are entitled to receive only that which we are prepared to give.” “If we wish, as […]

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

  1: January – Boost Energy “…research shows, being happy energizes you, and at the same time, having more energy makes it easier for you to engage in activities – like socializing and exercise – that boost happiness. Studies also show that when you feel energetic, your self-esteem rises.” “For my physical energy: I needed […]

On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis

  Introduction to the Revised Edition, 2003 “Bad economic times allow second-rate leaders to exercise power recklessly and with impunity. Good times will come again, and when they do, the leaders who survive and flourish will be those who treat people around them, not as underlings, but as invaluable colleagues and collaborators.” “Philosopher Ralph Waldo […]

Trillion Dollar Coach by Bill Campbell by E. Schmidt, J. Rosenberg, and A. Eagle

  Chapter 1: The Caddie and the CEO The Trillion Dollar Coach “In our previous book, How Google Works, we argue that there is a new breed of employee, the “smart creative,” who is critical to achieving this speed and innovation. The smart creative is someone who combines technical depth with business savvy and creates […]

Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion

  Living in the World “When seeking your partner, if your intention is a virtuous one, you will find him or her. If not, you’ll keep finding the wrong person.” “So that’s what destiny is: simply the fulfillment of the potentialities of the energies in your own system. The energies are committed in a certain […]

Lincoln on Leadership by Donald T. Phillips

Introduction- Lincoln stood for all that was right, honest, and self-evident. The foundation of Abraham Lincolns leadership style was an unshakable commitment to the rights of the individual. The genius of leadership lies in the manner in which leaders see and act on their own and their follower’s values and motivations. The most important influences […]

Beneath the Armor by Ole Carlson

Introduction: “There are new frontiers for you to explore, markets to penetrate and a business that deserves your absolute utmost attention to meet the needs and demands of your employees, customers, family, and most importantly, yourself.” P. 19   Chapter 1 – Strategy One: Be Authentic, It’s Easier To Remember “Some of the roles we […]

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

  Skill 1: Build Safety Chapter 1 “Safety is not mere emotional weather but rather the foundation on which strong culture is built.” P. 6 “When you ask people inside highly successful groups to describe their relationship with one another, they all tend to choose the same word. This word is not friends or team […]

The Elephant and the Flea: Reflections of a Reluctant Capitalist by Charles Handy

  Part I: The Foundations Chapter 1 “The observation of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer that all truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident.” P. 5 “as corporations got bigger in their reach, they would also need to get smaller in their parts. […]

The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain De Botton

  I: Consolation for Unpopularity   Chapter 2 “If common sense is cordoned off from questions, it is because its judgements are deemed plainly too sensible to be the targets of scrutiny.” “it is not only the hostility of others that may prevent us from questioning the status quo. Our will to doubt can be […]