Part I: The Foundations

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Part II: Capitalism Past, Present and Future

Chapter 4

    1. How to grow bigger, but remain small and personal.
    2. How to combine creativity with efficiency.
    3. How to be prosperous but also socially acceptable.
    4. How to reward both the owners of the ideas as well as the owners of the company.

Chapter 5

    1. Speed. Everything happens faster. Bureaucracy stifles decisions.
    2. Good people. They need to be fewer but better.
    3. Openness. Transparency pays.
    4. Collaboration. Teams are the building blocks.
    5. Discipline. Protocols and standard procedures are the keys to efficiency.
    6. Good communications. People need to know everything that is going on.
    7. Content management. Eighty per cent of information is unnecessary.
    8. Customer focus. Treat every customer as an individual.
    9. Knowledge management. Share what you know.
    10. Leadership by example. Practice what you preach, get online.

Chapter 6


Part III: The Independent Life

Chapter 7

Chapter 8


Chapter 9

Chapter 10