(Note: This is a Faith Based Book)





Chapter One – The Rat Race


Chapter Two – Leading an Unexamined Life


Chapter Three – Biblical Christian or Cultural Christian


Chapter Four – Significance: The Search For Meaning and Purpose


Chapter Five – Purpose: Why Do I Exist?


Chapter Six – The Secret of Job Contentment


Chapter Seven – Broken Relationships


Chapter Eight – Children: How To Avoid Regrets


Chapter Nine – Wives: How To Be Happily Married


Chapter Ten – Friends: Risks and Rewards


Chapter Eleven – Money: A Biblical Point of View


Chapter Twelve – The Four Pillars of Financial Strength


Chapter Thirteen – Decisions: How To Make The Right Choice


Chapter Fourteen – Priorities – How To Decide What’s Important


Chapter Fifteen: Time Management: Doing God’s Will


Chapter Sixteen – Pride


Chapter Seventeen – Fear


Chapter Eighteen – Anger


Chapter Nineteen – The Desire To Be Independent


Chapter Twenty – Avoiding Suffering

  1. We plead
  2. We compare
    • We compare ourselves to others, pointing out that we are better men, therefore, deserving of mercy. Or, we compare ourselves to other men, and we wish we were them instead of ourselves.
  3. We pout
  4. We shout
    • We become angry and shake our fists and raise your voice at God because of the pain of our suffering.
  5. We doubt


Chapter Twenty-One – Integrity: What’s The Price?


Chapter Twenty-Two – Leading A Secret through Life


Chapter Twenty-Three – Accountability: The Missing Link

ourselves under control – zap! So, if you think you’re standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall.


Chapter Twenty-Four – How Can A Man Change