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As part of my personal mission, it’s important to me that I share my knowledge and some of the documents and tools I have created over the past 25 years of being in professional services. Please feel free to download and share the attached documents at will. I sincerely hope you find them useful. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments at

Leadership Wheel Presentation

Business GPA

Leadership Team Performance Accountability Analysis

Acquisition – Partnership Screening Criteria

Comprehensive Leadership Assessment Tool

Business Success Checklist

Organizational Capacity Diagnostic Tool

Business Capacity Readiness

CEO Hourly Time Audit - based on Time Really Is Money

HR Philosophy Reflection Questions

Total Compensation Statement Template

Key Executive Self-Assessment Tool

Business Assessment

360 Degree Evaluation Tool

CBS Strategic Planning Outline


Competitor Intelligence questions

Fifteen Common Business Mistakes

Effective Collaboration Presentation

Nonprofit Board Assessment Tool

Social Enterprise Strategies

Moving from a Survival to A Success Mode

*Recent Addition

Nonprofit Stakeholder Satisfaction Tool

Business Owner's Balance Sheet

List and Brief Description of Personality Profiling Tools

Management Improvement Ideas

Some Favorite Quotes