Personal Growth Websites That We Find Useful:

Alaine deBotton – a writer of essayistic books that have been described as a ‘philosophy of everyday life.’

Authentic Happiness – The purpose of this website is to provide free resources where people can learn about Positive Psychology through readings, videos, research, opportunities, conferences, questionnaires with feedback and more.

James – website of author and poet who has written multiple books exploring issues of business and spirituality and the deeper meanings of work and life

Bill – interactive website with a considerable number of great interview video clips with successful people by Emmy winning broadcaster and TV personality Bill Boggs – engaging and motivating website with daily updates from world class motivational speaker Boaz Rauchwerger

Brainpickings – a free weekly “interestingness” digest that captures the best of artistic expression to make sense of the human condition

The Joseph Campbell Foundation – a hub of sorts – people of all walks and nationalities and a world of different interests arrive here seeking to learn more about the words and ideas of Joseph Campbell, the hero’s journey, and mythology in general

Dean Rosson – Advice by Dean Rosson on how to get fit and get healthy

Four Hour Workweek – great blog and website with multiple media formats from author Tim Ferriss

The Happiness Project – website based on book by the same name by Gretchen Rubin

Mary Oliver – authorized website for renowned poet

onebillionhappy – an ambitious mission: to help one billion people become happier

Optimize Your Life With Brian Johnson – self-penned philosopher with goal of helping people optimize their lives

Parents Wish List – Helping you become a better parent through experiential guides,thorough recommendations and effective tips

Positive Health Wellness – the most trusted information available which is not only reliable but credible when it comes to staying positive, healthy and your weight loss journey

Randy Pausch Homepage – “The Last Lecture” – sage words of life wisdom from a talented man who unfortunately left this world way too early

Self-Development Secrets – whether you want to improve your finances, relationships, confidence, or just enjoy the journey, you can surely find what you need right here to get you on the path towards your goals

Tony Robbins – website by leading motivational speaker Tony Robbins

Tal Ben-Shahar – Positive Psychology website by renowned author of the book Happier and former Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar – Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world

The School Of Life – devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture

David – the official website of author and poet David Whyte

Business Focused Websites That We Find Useful:

A Guide To Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses

AllBusiness – small business resource site full of useful info and tools

American Management Association – world leader in professional development, advancing the skills of individuals, teams, organizations and government agencies

Association of Management Consulting Firms – the premier international association of firms engaged in the practice of consulting to management – a research, consulting and publishing firm that is a world-leader in the field of best practice benchmarking focused on the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and health care industries

Bloomberg Company Insight Center –  Find information on 42,000 public and 322,000 private companies worldwide – Free career help, business training, organizational development – inspirational, innovative ideas, materials, exercises, tools, templates

Business & Legal Reports – a leading compliance information company. BLR helps organizations comply with federal and state legal rules and requirements

Business Owner’s Toolkit – Provides small business owners a portfolio of information, services, news, forms, sample contracts, checklists and software tools

CEO Express – Desktop to fast access to news and information for executives

CEO Tools – The Manager’s Workshop – Management, manager tools and CEO toolsby Kraig Kramers for improved business performance

Charting our path to the next normal in business (McKinsey & Co.) – Daily charts that helps explain the changing business world—during the pandemic and beyond

Daily Economic Charts: The Economist – blog that posts and discusses  different economic related charts/graphs every day

Discover Business – great resource on small business issues including a detailed guide on how to draft a business plan

Edward Lowe Foundation – champions the entrepreneurial spirit by providing information, research and educational experiences that support entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system, consistent with the intentions of our founders

Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture Report (Tiny Pulse) – The TINYpulse 2015 Employee Engagement & Organizational Culture Report

Employee Benefits Research Institute – national comparative data and comprehensive research on employee benefits issues

Entrepreneur Magazine – online version of business magazine targeting entrepreneurs

Executive Book Summaries – outlines the key points and ideas of full-length business books into quick and easy-to-read print summaries

Finimpact – matching small businesses with the world’s top funding providers.

First Research – provides access to very useful industry intelligence and market research

Free Management Library – provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and management of yourself, other individuals, groups and organizations

Get Abstract – worlds largest library of business book summaries

Get Cash Keep Control – blog that focus on creative ways to raise capital

Harvard Business Review – best selling business magazine of  Harvard Business School

HR World – great online resource that compiles useful HR resources and tool

Incentive Logic – web-based incentive solutions designed to motivate and drive actions and behaviors to attain key business results – Free access to videos, audios, articles, & tools to aid in understanding and applying the ideas from Jim Collin’s books and research to both business and life

John Cleese Business Videos – John Cleese training videos are known around the world for their high quality and educational benefit.

Kellogg Insight – Business focused content published by The Kellogg School of management

Knowledge@Wharton -business content published by The Wharton School of Business

Linked In – an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 170 industries and 200 countries. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals – the official website of of leadership expert/author John Maxwell

Live Plan – interactive business plan development site

McKinsey Quarterly – combines powerful insights from McKinsey with ideas from other world-leading experts and practitioners to help readers stay at the cutting edge of management thought, become more effective leaders, and boost the performance of their organizations

Meeting Science – makes it easy to steadily increase the quality and purpose of meetings in your organization

MIT/Sloan Review –  how the practice of management is transforming in the digital age

The National Center for Employee Ownership – a private, nonprofit membership and research organization that serves as the leading source of accurate, unbiased information on employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), equity compensation plans such as stock options, and ownership culture

National Federation of Independent Businesses – the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses

O*Net Online – detailed descriptions of the world of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more – great salary and compensation benchmark resource

Risk Management Association – a member-driven professional association, helps banking and nonbanking institutions identify and manage the impacts of credit risk, operational risk, and market risk on their businesses and customers

STAT – USA – resource created by University of Central Florida that compiles multipe sources of important government data

Strategy + Business – provides executives with commentary, research, and practical ideas that bridge the gap between theory and practice in contemporary global business

Totally Accountable – offering tips and tools on how to build a more accountable business or organization

Trading Economics – detailed U.S. Economy Forecast

Upwork – find freelancers to tackle any job, any size, any time

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Wellness Programs – resource for anyone looking to start a new program or improve upon an existing wellness plan

vCalc – a fast-growing calculator, equation and dataset library that helps you freely create, effectively collaborate and quickly calculate.

VISTAGE International – online presence of the world’s foremost chief executive leadership organization – easily creates word clouds from text – provides comprehensive knowledge and information regarding Human Resource Management issues

You”re The Boss Blog – NY Times – Blogging done by CEOs on various topics

Frederick Specific Websites:

The City of Frederick Office of Economic Development – The City’s Department of Economic Development is involved in many programs and initiatives to support, grow and strengthen our vibrant business community

Downtown Frederick Partnership – organization charged with enhancing, promoting and preserving the vitality of Downtown Frederick

Entrepreneur Council of Frederick County – organization established to help small business owners succeed

Frederick County Office of Economic Development – organization established to support, retain, and foster the growth of existing businesses in Frederick County

Frederick Innovative Technology Center non-profit organization created for local entrepreneurs seeking offices, laboratory facilities, and entrepreneurial support services

Tech Frederick – formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop Frederick’s growing high tech community

Nonprofit Focused Websites We Find Useful:

Alliance For Nonprofit Management – the professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of nonprofits

American Society of Association Executives – the membership organization and voice of the association profession – increases the effectiveness of nonprofit boards of directors through its highly acclaimed governance consulting practice, tools, and membership

CEO Update – an influential news source on executive careers and pivotal events that shape the association sector

The Foundation Center – a national nonprofit service organization recognized as the nation’s leading authority on organized philanthropy, connecting nonprofits and the grantmakers supporting them to tools they can use and information they can trust

Degrees For Greater Good – includes advice on what college degrees translate into a non-profit career, information about working at a non-profit, and tips to becoming a skill based volunteer

Guidestar – provides information about the nonprofit sector that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

Guide to Public Service – created the following guide on public service careers to help prospective employees explore the different types of career paths available; learn about employment opportunities, internships, and volunteer work; get insight from public service experts; and find a list of additional resources for navigating the public service sector.

Independent Sector – serves as the premier meeting ground for the leaders of America’s charitable and philanthropic sector

Interaction Institute for Social Change – a nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of collaboration within the social sector

Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations strengthens and supports nonprofits’ ability to serve the public, while promoting the highest standards of ethics and accountability in nonprofit governance and management

Nonprofit Careers and Volunteering Guide – Resource to help students pursue a nonprofit career

Social Impact Exchange – a cross-sector membership forum for sharing knowledge and increasing investment in scaling effective social programs and solutions

Venture Philanthropy Partners – a philanthropic investment organization that helps great leaders build strong, high-performing nonprofit institutions

Additional Websites That We Find Useful:

Best – ranking of best online bachelor degree programs in business administration

Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason – provocative conversations with unique voices drawn from the group assembled at the PEN World Voices Festival in New York. Moyers takes viewers on a rare journey deep into these writers’ work and their own experience to plumb new ways of thinking about the role of religion in shaping our world. The resulting conversations provide revelatory observation on the long-running argument between believers and disbelievers.

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center – This website is a resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.

The Milken Institute – an independent economic think tank whose mission is to improve the lives and economic conditions of people in the U.S. and around the world

National Priorities Project -analyzes and clarifies federal data so that people can understand and influence how their tax dollars are spent

Personality Test Center –  The primary purpose of this on line inventory is to educate the public about the five factor model of personality and to explain the likely consequences of one’s standing on five broad personality domains.

Stanford-Binet Test – The Stanford-Binet test is one of the most popular IQ tests performed today.

Transitioning from College to Career: A Guide for New Grads – a site devoted to best practices on how college grads can set life goals that will help them succeed in their careers and personal lives.

We Transfer – allows you to share big files easily with others

Writer’s Market – where and how to sell what you write