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The mission of Vistage is straightforward and powerful:  We strive to create Better Leaders who Make Better Decisions and achieve Better Results.

Ed is very proud of his nineteen year relationship with Vistage International, the World’s Largest CEO Leadership Development Organization.

The Vistage model combines peer-based learning groups, executive coaching, access to world class subject matter experts, virtual affinity networks, cutting edge research insights, a comprehensive knowledge library filled with decades of archived content, best practice whitepapers, regional wide conferences, and the ability to interact with more than 27,000 members in 26 countries.

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The results for our members speak for themselves as they more than double the growth of their competitors and outperform all major business indices.  There is a reason why Vistage is the oldest, biggest and best CEO leadership development organization in the world.

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Vistage has a variety of different peer membership groups:


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Ed currently chairs 6 different Vistage Groups working with more than 100 members on a monthly basis. His current members generate revenues in excess of $2B and employee more than 2,500 people. His average member commits for 6-7 years with many staying for more than 10 years (some even predate him). In his groups there have been multiple exit transactions exceeding $250M.  There have also been successful family business transitions.

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Here is a brief overview of the Vistage Model:

A deeper look into the group experience

Jim Wolf Testimonial

Vistage Member Testimonials

Vistage Member Testimonials

Feedback & Reviews

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Always very informative and helpful. Gives opinions and suggestions of ways to handles all types of issues I may be having. I think my sessions have helped to make me a better manager.
12:46 27 Mar 23
Ed has been an unmatched asset to our company and team. He has helped give confidence and clear direction to success.The level of commitment he devotes to all is astonishing. I’m honored to call him Coach and friend.
joe W.
17:51 13 Sep 22
Ed has helped me in so many ways, I can't describe the impact he has had on my life. Asking me the tough questions I know I need to hear and then listening to me, really listening to me.
Michael G.
20:43 11 Sep 22
We’re a family owned landscape business been in business 40 plus years over 300 employees ( team members) and going thru a generational change of leadership. Eds experience / knowledge / intellect( many more) in all areas of business and economic situations . Ed has played a large role in are current success . We have used consultant / coaches in are business over the years( little success) for are type service business. ED has been the best by far and the glue that has helped us get are team to a new level of performance/ understanding and what leadership is about in all walks of life. Helping family business continue to thrive in current environment is what his strongest skill set has been for us . Not an easy task in 2022 as all aspects business are changing rapidly but in the end leadership is what it’s all about easy to forget sometimes . Ed will make sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you ED
Mark M.
13:36 11 Sep 22
I have known Ed for over a decade in his role as a Vistage Chair and additionally as the Program Chair for Associated Pest Services. Ed and Capacity Building Solutions 5 stars for both, if I could give a 6 I would!!Let’s start with Vistage. I have watched Ed in action over the years with both his CE and Key groups and the success his members have under his stewardship. I have also been present in his groups as a speaker. I view Ed as one of the top Vistage Chairs in the country as he truly facilitates, coaches and teaches his groups. Ed creates an atmosphere where his members hold each other accountable and when necessary Ed holds them accountable (which is fun to watch in action!!). He also is fierce on a true financial scorecard for each member that adds to the Accountability.Now let’s turn to Associated. This is a group comprised mostly of CEOs of the top pest control companies in the country. Ed has taken the programming and facilitation of our twice a year meetings to another level over the last 10+ years. Working with our Board of Directors he continues to keep the meetings fresh and lively. Ed also spearheads our annual Benchmarking Survey (the best in the industry) and the full day review of it where we look at best practices and uncover gems. Ed has this down to a science with a lot of art applied.Bottom line…If you are looking to take your business and yourself to the next level then their is no better person than Ed Robinson and Capacity Building Solutions!!!
Phil C.
10:41 26 Oct 21
Listens well, helps you think through options and crystalize the 'real' goal. In equal parts Ed helps you identify the root cause to challenges and snags and build form that point. Highly recommend Ed's company and services.
Rick C.
12:36 04 Oct 21
Ed at Capacity Building Solutions is a top notch coach, teacher, leader and mentor helping companies reach their full potential. I highly recommend any company to invite him in to do a consultation to see where he can help.
Kenneth H.
13:56 12 Dec 20
Ed has been an instrumental resource in growing my companies, helping me work through large issues, and growing as a leader. His guidance, and group facilitation of problem solving added millions of dollars of value.
Robert W.
17:44 16 Jul 20
Ed is a seasoned professional with a a deep toolset of best practices and approaches that he applies as they are needed to support business leaders in their growth and challenges. His deep passion for helping leaders is consistently demonstrated. Importantly, he is constructive yet candid, ensuring you hold yourself and himself, accountable to taking action. If you are interested in taking yourself and your business to the next level, and are willing to put in the true effort to get there, working with Capacity Building Solutions will help you realize your goals.
Nancie R.
19:45 13 Jul 20
Ed Robinson was an important Coach for me at a most difficult time in my business. He caring and guidance helped me to make the best decisions. Every CEO or Leader of an organization should make the time to have a coach. With Ed Robinson you’ll experience the best.- Doug Groves
doug G.
00:50 11 Jul 20
I've been working with Ed Robinson of Capacity Building Solutions for over 3 years and it has changed how my families 6 generation business does things for the better. He has helped us create a sustainable model that will support us and allow us to continue on for another 6 generations!
Amanda C.
14:10 10 Jul 20
I have worked with Ed for over 5 years in improving and developing my business and my professional skills. Ed is walking encyclopedia of resources for all aspects of business and personal development. He both encourages and challenges each client to move closer to their potential by providing education, honest feedback and holding his clients accountable. I found working with Ed to be a lot of fun! Highly recommend to business owners who want to take full responsibility for their actions (good and bad) and grow!
Cindi W.
22:07 09 Jul 20
Capacity Building Solutions helped me take my startup business to the top one percent in my industry in 8 years. The value is in personal and professional development. It's not lonely at the top when you have Ed Robinson on your side.
Amir R.
13:29 03 Jul 20
Ed Robinson has been an invaluable resource for me in my growth with my company and my life. The time spent with him has helped me deal with an ever changing landscape in the current business environment. Ed has been direct and supportive of my progress and critical when necessary. He has provided clarity with his insight and experience. He has the ability to cut through to the root of an issue and provide advice and guidance in discovering the best path forward. I have found him to be genuine and willing to share his own experiences, to be part of the solution. I believe in order to achieve this level of consciousness Ed's motivation is to make those he associates with better in all phases of life.
warren R.
21:27 30 Jun 20
Ed has always been a consummate professional and offered business advice that has helped me grow my business and improve my quality of life.
Yair F.
12:22 29 Jun 20
My experience with Capacity Building Solutions, as a part of the Emerging Leadership Program, was excellent! The material was relevant and helped me grow both professionally and personally. Presentations were always engaging and interactive. Thank you for everything!
Cindy W.
13:24 28 Jun 20
I have been a client of Ed Robinson off and on for over a decade. Ed intimately understands and effectively teaches every aspect of running a succesful small to medium sized business, regardless of industry. I have personally seen him transform not just businesses, but the leaders that run them. Highly recommend for any person or company looking to take their business to the next level.
James S.
16:55 25 Jun 20
Looking for a coach is no easy task. In 2010 I decided to take the journey of finding a business coach to help grow me personally and professionally. I found Ed through other trusted business leaders, and my life has changed ever since. Not only is he well read but has great practical experience and asks the right questions at the right time. He always provides me with impactful information that keeps my skills on par with the demands of any business leader. Ed has helped my company and I through the ups and downs and will be there in the future to help us grow. If you are ready for a coach and ready to share and get vulnerable. Ed is the coach for you. He will make you a better person.
Nick D.
13:19 22 Jun 20
Ed is an amazing executive coach, who i have had the pleasure to work with for the past 6 years. If you're looking to grow and develop your skills or your teams. I highly recommend you work with Ed.
19:19 19 Jun 20

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Ed currently serves as the Chair of two Chief Executive Groups, a Small Business Group, a Key Executive Group, and an Emerging Leader Group. There are currently 81 members in his five groups.

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