Daily Leadership Thought #158 – Expand Your Definitions of What’s Possible

Most of our limitations in life are self-imposed. The history of mankind is the story of individuals stretching the boundaries of what’s possible. Many things we take for granted today were deemed impossible not too long ago. What’s required is an individual or group of people who are unwilling to accept the status quo. In essence, they believe there is a better or different way to do something. The motivations may vary widely, but the common thread is a pioneering spirit and willingness to think bigger and challenge conventional wisdom.
On a much smaller scale, most people box themselves in every day and limit their potential. Instead of pursuing their dream or passions, they narrowly define what’s possible. Unfortunately, the longer you accept your constrained reality the easier it becomes to rationalize why things didn’t go as planned. As a result, you end up lowering the bar of happiness and success in your own life which is the opposite of what you should be doing. Henry David Thoreau captured this mindset perfectly when he wrote “most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
Wouldn’t it be better to “sing” while you are still alive? I encourage you to expand your definitions of what’s possible in your own life both personally and professionally. Take on new risks and challenges. Follow your passions and embrace your talents. Be a force for good and a catalyst for inspiration. The world will go on changing with or without you. Why not enjoy the ride and be part of the positive momentum.