Leadership Thought #458 – Questions To Ask Your Potential Executive Coach

Regrettably, I am in a profession where there are minimal barriers to entry and just about anyone (within reason) can claim to do what I do. Just about every week, I meet another person who is billing themselves as a business coach or executive coach and charging a considerable amount of money for something they have no business doing in the first place. More often than not, it is someone who has been downsized from an existing position or exiting a failed business endeavor, an individual who has hit a career brick wall themselves, an academic with free time on his/her hands, an independent consultant looking to supplement their income, or a psychotherapist who has figured out they can charge more money if they change the title of what they do. I shutter sometimes when I think about the bad advice which is regularly disseminated to executives and business owner by often well-intentioned, but under-skilled or poorly trained business coaches. Here are a few questions I recommend you ask before working with someone in this capacity:

Leadership Thought #288 – The Passing Of Coach Paterno

I can’t think of a more tragic way for the Joe Paterno story to end than it has these past few months. Not having any of the inside facts, it’s hard for me to fathom how he handled the Jerry Sandusky scandal. It goes against everything you would imagine him standing for, but then again he won’t be the first or last person in life to be betrayed by a friend. Sadly, in this case the betrayal and cover-up had devastating consequences for children. The actions by him and those around him in regards to this issue were inexcusable and the anger in response to it more than justified.

However, this stain on Coach Paterno’s record should not blot out all the other good things he did in his life which is considerable.

Daily Leadership Thought #85 – Redundancy Is Important

A sign of a mediocre leader or manager is an unwillingness to let go of responsibilities and trust that others will get the job done as good as or better than they can. These individuals feels it is what they know and control that makes them important and ultimately irreplaceable.