Leadership Thought #386 – Start Your Day Off Right

I’ve always been a bit annoyed with people who are grouchy in the morning on a regular basis. Sure, everyone has a tough morning every once in awhile, but to wake up every day in a bad mood is hard to comprehend. What could have happened between the time you first put your head on your pillow and when you woke up that is so bad you need to make everyone else around you unhappy? If you are too tired, then go to bed earlier. If you are having problems sleeping, then do something about it. Part of growing up is learning how to act like an adult.

Daily Leadership Thought #134 – Leaders Don’t Complain, They Take Action

It does feel at times that we have become a nation of complainers. People have become very adept at communicating what they don’t like. Whether it is the cost of living, our current political climate, the actions (or lack thereof) of our elected officials, the purported selfish behaviors of big business, the impending doom of multiple environmental and social phenomenon, the undisciplined behavior of our youth and the irresponsible actions of our neighbor, there is always something perceived to be wrong or not working. Leaders have to rise above this level of discourse and actually do something to make a positive difference.