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Mergers and acquisitions are a key strategy lever in driving business growth.  Unlike organic growth strategies, the growth needle can move very quickly.  In one transaction, you can make significant gains in customer acquisition, market share penetration, talent acquisition, product/service diversification, technological capability, and financial capacity.  Unfortunately, only a minority of M&A transactions ever achieve their intended objectives. In this category we offer advice and information on how to “bolt on” or “tuck in” other companies into your growth model.

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We often hear talk about mergers and acquisitions in the current economic environment. Minimal energy is spent talking about strategic alliances and collaborations. The truth is that there’s a wide continuum that…

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  Five Stages of Decline: Hubris Born of Success Undisciplined Pursuit of More Denial of Risk and Peril Grasping for Salvation Capitulation to Irreverence or Death   “The concept of hubris is…

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The NVCA Model Legal Documents are the industry-embraced model documents that can be used in venture capital financings. They reduce the time and cost of financings and free principals time to focus on high-level issues. The model documents: Reduce transaction costs and time Reflect, guide, and establish industry norms Avoid bias toward the VC or the company/entrepreneur Present potential options, reflecting a variety of financing terms Include explanatory commentary where necessary or helpful Anticipate and eliminate traps for unenforceable or unworkable provisions Provide a comprehensive set of internally consistent financing documents

Publication by the Wall Street Journal to capture relevant and important information about Private Equity companies and deals

a member-driven professional association, helps banking and nonbanking institutions identify and manage the impacts of credit risk, operational risk, and market risk on their businesses and customers

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