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As part of my personal mission, it’s important to me that I share my knowledge and some of the documents and tools I have created over the past 25 years of being in professional services. Please feel free to download and share the attached documents at will. I sincerely hope you find them useful. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments at robin_ed@capacity-building.com

For several years now, I have been researching and writing a book on virtuous leadership.  I am enjoying the research part as much as the writing part.  It isn’t hard to find countless examples of people who have worn the mantle of leadership virtuously.  Leadership is a big responsibility that should be taken seriously. You […]

I’ve created the following Transformational Leader job description to help leaders understand where they fit on the transformational leadership spectrum.  Transformation is not about incremental change.  It is about the leader encouraging and empowering others to achieve more than they thought was possible.  It is about continuously raising the bar on expectations and performance. It’s […]

Leadership Potential Self-Assessment Tool As you climb each rung of the leadership ladder, it gets more difficult.  Fewer and fewer people have the skills and training to make it all the way to the top.   Most leaders end up bumping up against the ceiling of their potential and professional experience.   I developed this assessment tool […]

In my 25 years of working with CEOs and leadership teams, I have always been a bit surprised by their overall lack of financial management knowledge. It’s often not that people are disinterested or lazy; rather, they prioritize other things. Finance is seen as an area that is best left to the experts. There is […]

It’s important to know how you should be playing the game of business as a leader,  Both internal and external dynamics need to be thoughtfully considered as you consider your next steps.  Sometimes everything is going well and you are operating from a position of relative strength while other times you could be somewhat vulnerable […]

Worksheet to help you think through and plan for success for the upcoming year by creating goals built around your personal priorities.

Tool to help you plan and debrief on your work week by establishing clear priorities, balancing short-long term commitments, anticipating obstacles, evaluating what leads to success, and providing positive reinforcement.

I have compiled the following list of 100 questions across several categories to help CEOs or Business Owners address the core aspects of their business, role, and life.

Worksheet created to help CEOs/leaders keep track of the progress with the implementation of their strategic initiatives.

Document I use with my CEO/business leader coaching clients to help them reflect on the previous year and plan for the upcoming year.

Recommended Outline to help an organization work through a comprehensive strategic planning process.

Every week, I meet another person who is billing themselves as a business coach or executive coach and charging a considerable amount of money for something they have no business doing in the first place.  More often than not, it is someone who has been downsized from an existing position or exiting a failed business […]

Tool designed to help managers solicit and capture information about their direct reports so that they can have a better relationship with them and coach them in the most effective manner.

Document to help leaders reflect on the past year and plan for the upcoming year.  Included are questions and exercises to help them identify what’s important both personally and professionally and prioritize accordingly.

Workshop document offering guidance and specific recommendations on to ensure Strategic Plan implementation

Some of my favorite quotes and book excerpts from the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho

Bravery, perseverance and ingenuity. These qualities define world-class leadership in 2021, and they are exemplified in the journeys of 2021’s Vistage Member Excellence Award winners. What advice would these 100+ visionary leaders from across the U.S. share with Vistage peers? We’ve captured it in a new e-book, and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

Interview questions to use when considering a candidate for a management position

Sample prep form to be completed by clients before coaching session

Business success is the result of consistent focus on what matters most. Most leaders are easily distracted and lose focus.  Just like how educational organizations prioritize and grade performance, CEOs, Boards and leadership teams should stay laser focused on these seven business categories regardless of industry.

Excerpts from the Book, Straight From The Gut, by Jack Welch were he shares his his thoughts and experience on being a CEO.

As a leader, who you decide to partner with is an important decision.  It’s always best to have screening filters you develop ahead of time to assess any potential new partnerships.

Workshop document offering advice on on how to gain greater work-life balance.

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Ed’s books on Leadership, Life and Business will elevate your knowledge and give you the confidence to apply it to your personal and professional life.