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Capacity Building Solutions Inc. offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Ed works with both individuals and groups/teams. 

He consults with single businesses and also across companies/industry groups.  

The relationship can designed to be comprehensive and long term or more targeted and short term.  

His ultimate goal is to always tailor his services to meet the specific needs of any given client situation (because “cookie cutter” solutions rarely work).  

However, this does not mean we opt to work with everyone.  In fact, Ed prides himself on his ability to identify and screen for win-win engagement opportunities.   

His experience indicates that the following five factors need to be in place for a relationship to make sense for a potential client and him:

  1. Seeing the relationship as a partnership not a vendor-client relationship;
  2. A genuine interest in solving the problem or seizing the opportunity;
  3. A willingness to commit the time and resources necessary to ensure the projects success;
  4. An openness to feedback and willingness to take action when needed;
  5. Transparency and accountability when it comes to the sharing information and meeting deadlines.

If you or your organization meets the above criteria, please select from the list of services below to learn more about how we may be able to help you.


What Eds Clients Say…

These reviews are taken from the 'Recommendations' section of Ed's LinkedIn profile.