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Balancing Employee Expectations and Employer Realities

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Through years of Executive Coaching and Leadership Training, Ed Robinson has archived and recorded all useful resources made throughout his professional career, and those made by others who have also shared their expertise for others to benefit from. All resources have been grouped under their resource type, as well as categorised in areas such as Business Development & Sales, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Human Resources, Leadership and Miscellaneous, to name a few.

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Do you sometimes feel out of your depth with your leadership responsibilities?

Do you often feel that success in business shouldn’t be this hard to achieve?

Are there things you’d like to do with your business and/or personal life that you cannot get to because of time and resource limitations?

Would you like to accelerate your professional learning and growth?

Do you often feel like it’s lonely at the top and that very few people can understand your stress and pressures?

Would you like to make better decisions that lead to better results in a more timely fashion?

If these questions resonate with you, know you are not alone, and Ed is here to help!

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