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Executive Coaching

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Today’s leaders and managers face unprecedented pressure due to rapid changes that often surpass individual capacity to adapt independently. Businesses operate with leaner structures, facing demands from more discerning customers and sharper, sometimes global, competition. Employee loyalty is increasingly fragile, with top talent frequently on the lookout for better prospects. Moreover, technological advancements have transitioned from strategic advantages to essential daily operational tools, adding to the complexity and challenges of modern business leadership.


They must also do all of this while not allowing their work lives to get too far out of balance and adversely affect the lives of those closest to them. After all, what’s the point of working so hard and achieving so much, if those closest to you are a casualty to the process.

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Get in touch today and schedule an appointment with Ed Robinson to see what he can do to help you become an more effective leader. 

Ed’s executive coaching approach is centered on guiding clients through the complexities of their professional and personal lives. He begins by understanding their current situation, then collaboratively sets goals and develops strategies for improvement. As a trusted confidant, Ed is dedicated to supporting his clients through challenges, viewing his role not just as a job but as a mission to foster meaningful professional relationships. His ultimate aim is for clients to feel empowered, in control, and well-equipped to achieve their desired outcomes for their companies, families, and themselves.

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Nick D.
Looking for a coach is no easy task. In 2010 I decided to take the journey of finding a business coach to help grow me personally and professionally. I found Ed through other trusted business leaders, and my life has changed ever since. Not only is he well read but has great practical experience and asks the right questions at the right time. He always provides me with impactful information that keeps my skills on par with the demands of any business leader. Ed has helped my company and I through the ups and downs and will be there in the future to help us grow. If you are ready for a coach and ready to share and get vulnerable. Ed is the coach for you. He will make you a better person.
Response from the owner: One of the many blessings of my professional life Nick is working with you and our long-term relationship. You are a special leader running a great company!
Ed is an amazing executive coach, who i have had the pleasure to work with for the past 6 years. If you're looking to grow and develop your skills or your teams. I highly recommend you work with Ed.
Response from the owner: Thank you Jason. I am very lucky to be working with you!
Mark M.
We’re a family owned landscape business been in business 40 plus years over 300 employees ( team members) and going thru a generational change of leadership. Eds experience / knowledge / intellect( many more) in all areas of business and economic situations . Ed has played a large role in are current success . We have used consultant / coaches in are business over the years( little success) for are type service business. ED has been the best by far and the glue that has helped us get are team to a new level of performance/ understanding and what leadership is about in all walks of life. Helping family business continue to thrive in current environment is what his strongest skill set has been for us . Not an easy task in 2022 as all aspects business are changing rapidly but in the end leadership is what it’s all about easy to forget sometimes . Ed will make sure that doesn’t happen. Thank you ED
Response from the owner: Thank you Mark! It is pleasure to work with your team and you!
Kenneth H.
Ed at Capacity Building Solutions is a top notch coach, teacher, leader and mentor helping companies reach their full potential. I highly recommend any company to invite him in to do a consultation to see where he can help.
Response from the owner: Thank you Kenny!
doug G.
Ed Robinson was an important Coach for me at a most difficult time in my business. He caring and guidance helped me to make the best decisions. Every CEO or Leader of an organization should make the time to have a coach. With Ed Robinson you’ll experience the best.- Doug Groves
Response from the owner: Thank you Doug. It was a privilege to work with you and be not only your coach, but become your friend.