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The Manager’s Handbook: 104 Solutions to Your Everyday Workplace Problems

The editors of Business Management Daily have compiled dozens upon dozens of hints and tricks for those tasked with leading employees to greatness. If you’re in management, you’ll consult this handbook weekly, perhaps even daily. Whenever a problem crops up, your handbook will be at your fingertips. And as you become a better problem-solver—and a better manager overall—the higher-ups in your organization won’t help but notice.

Just a few examples of the topics within:

10 ways to earn employees’ trust. They may trust you for the most part already. Now take it to a higher level with these simple yet powerful tips.

5 ways to energize your next staff meeting. “Quick polls,” the “hour game,” and more tips to boost enthusiasm.

How to make criticism truly constructive. The emphasis here is on “truly.” You may think your criticism is constructive. Follow this advice and you’ll be sure.

Customizing feedback: 9 personality types. Tailor your feedback to the person receiving it, and watch the effectiveness soar.

10 things employees are waiting to hear you say. When they feel valued, they deliver more value.

3 motivational keys to spur excellence. These have nothing to do with money. The keys are free—you just need to know them.

The book includes sidebars on key issues, and quizzes to help you lock in your new knowledge. The more you use this resource, the more you’ll become an indispensable member of your organization’s management team.