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Advancing Leader

The Vistage Advancing Leader Program is designed to accelerate their leadership development journey of experienced and advancing managers. The program challenges members to become more effective leaders through proactive thinking, communication and collaboration to achieve breakthrough results.

Who is an Advancing Leader?

  • Experienced and advancing managers within an SMB organization
  • Typically reports to a member of the executive leadership team
  • Responsible for delivering business results
  • May or may not directly manage employees

Advancing Leader Program

The Advancing Leader Program supports Vistage CE members by accelerating the leadership development of their Experienced and Advancing Managers.

Advancing Leader members will…

  • Learn through our Effective Leadership Methodology. Members develop a strategic mindset, communication skills and collaborative abilities through a framework based on Vistage’s 60+ years of working with leaders.
  • Engage in application-based development. With the guidance of world-class Chairs, members will apply mastery of the Effective Leadership Methodology to create tangible results for their organization through the Adapted Issue Processing.
  • Broaden cross-functional expertise. By working within a peer group, members will increase their ability to collaborate effectively for greater organizational impact.
  • Apply learnings to real business projects and initiatives. By bringing real-world projects to the group, members are able to effectively apply program learnings back to their organizations for tangible results.
  • Gain exclusive access to world-class speakers. Subject matter experts will present on relevant business-related topics that will include tailored content to meet a member’s needs.
  • Have 24/7 access the Vistage Community. Members can leverage exclusive resources, including My Vistage, in-person and virtual events, and Networks.

Advancing Leader: Program Features & Differentiators

How is Advancing Leader different from Key Executive?

  • Adapted Issue Processing: While both programs incorporate Issue processing, Advancing Leader Issue Processing is focused on execution and adapted with additional prompts and guidance for discussion.
  • Focus on Strategic Execution: While Key Executive Issue Processing focuses on big picture strategy, Advancing Leader’s Adapted Issue Processing focuses on strategic execution of that strategy.
  • Meeting Cadence: Advancing Leaders meet for a full day bi-monthly (six meetings per year) compared to Key Executives who meet for a full day each month.
  • Speaker workshops: Every Advancing Leader meeting includes a speaker session compared to the Key Executive program which includes several executive session meetings that do not feature a speaker.
  • Leadership Level: Advancing Leader is designed for experienced and advancing leaders who execute the organization’s strategy, most of which report to a key executive; Key Executive targets c-level executives who are focused on high-level strategy and often report directly to the President or CEO.

How is Advancing Leader different from Emerging Leader?

  • Ongoing program: Advancing Leader is an ongoing, evergreen program compared to Emerging Leader’s structured, two-year curriculum.
  • Issue Processing: Advancing Leader introduces and incorporates Adapted Issue Processing to help members execute and lead effectively.
  • Application-based learning: Advancing Leader incorporates a real-world, hands-on approach in which members apply key learnings directly to their own role and organization.
  • Speaker variety: Emerging Leader’s curriculum focuses on 12 core competencies and therefore, speakers must align with the specific topics covered. Advancing Leader features added flexibility in selecting speakers and topics that are most relevant and timely for the group.


Interested in learning more about the Advancing Leader Program?

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