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Emerging Leader

Develop your next generation of leaders

Emerging leaders will identify and work with a senior manager mentor within their own company to offer guidance and serve as a sounding board for new work challenges and opportunities.

  • A two-year curriculum-based program that prepares rising stars to become the next generation of leadership
  • A solution to address training and development needs for high-performing managers and individual contributors
  • Helps organizations retain top talent, promote employee advancement within the organization (vs. seeking outside opportunities) and create greater internal alignment to execute on company goals

Emerging Leader Program

The Vistage Emerging Leader Program prepares your rising stars to reach the next level of leadership. Guided by a Vistage Chair, members develop leadership skills and the confidence to deliver on your company goals.

Benefits to the emerging leader:

  • Core leadership competencies: Training in 12 core leadership competencies within four key areas: personal, interpersonal, team and organizational leadership
  • Career advancement: Equips managers with the confidence and proficiency to take on a greater leadership role
  • Networking: Valuable opportunities to expand their sphere of influence and gain professional contacts.

Benefits to you and your organization:

  • Bench strength: Fills mission-critical leadership roles with trusted employees.
  • Employee retention: Incentivize top talent to seek advancement in-house through a culture of leadership development.
  • Improved execution: Improve the competency of all levels of leadership to develop an organization that is effective, adaptable and empowered.