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Time Management Resources

Time management is not optional if you want to be successful.  The most valuable currency you have in your business and life is time.  It is finite.  You cannot make more of it.  You can spend it wisely or waste it needlessly. The best leaders are always thinking of ways to maximize the ROI of their time and encouraging those around them to do the same.

Leadership Thought #202 – Do You Always Wait Until The Last Minute?

I’ve heard many leaders tell me they always wait to do something until the last minute because they perform best under this type of pressure. Sounds like a bit of rationalization to me. I know that when I procrastinate on something it’s not because it is the best way to work – it is often quite the opposite. I just don’t want to do whatever it is because I view it as drudgery, am unsure how to proceed or I’m not sure I’ll be pleased by the outcome. I cannot imagine any scenario where purposefully putting yourself under time pressure until the last minute makes any sense.

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Leadership Thought #468 – The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make

The biggest mistake leaders make is to think it is all about them. They believe that success or failure is a direct result of their own personal behavior rather than a team effort. Show me a successful leader and I will show you a person surrounded by good people who each do their own jobs exceedingly well. While it is common practice in this country to celebrate the individual, no one builds a high performing organization by themselves. This doesn’t mean that the leader isn’t an essential ingredient; however, he/she needs other ingredients to complete the recipe.

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    Favorite Articles

  • What is an effective meeting?

    As the pandemic rewrote the rule book for coworking and office culture, new processes and untested systems allowed inefficiencies to creep in—inefficiencies that included meetings scheduled for the sake of unstructured discussion or even basic human interaction rather than for productivity. While interacting might be easier than ever, value-creating collaboration isn’t—and its quality seems to be deteriorating. […]

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  • Meeting Overload Is a Fixable Problem

    The authors of this piece have been studying how organizations can make the right things easier and the wrong things harder since 2014. In every workplace they’ve studied, helped, or worked at, they’ve found that meetings create wasteful and soul-crushing friction. To find out how to reduce that friction by “repairing” meetings, they conducted two […]

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  • How to Help an Employee Who Struggles with Time Management

     If you have direct report struggling with time management, it can be challenging to know how to address the issue. Fortunately, there are ways that you, as their manager, can help. Before you get frustrated or deliver a harsh feedback in an unproductive way, first consider yourself. Identify the emotions you’re feeling and why, and […]

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    Reading Excerpts

  • Time Really is Money By Rob Slee

      Chapter 1 – Introduction: “…most business owners spend almost all of their time on less than $50 per hour activities.  These activities are tactical, often clerical, and can be readily bought in the marketplace.”   Information Age Conceptual Age Aggregation Age Transformation Age 1950s 9/11/01 2010 2015 Left Brain Left/Right brain Right Brain/Left brain […]

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