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If you wanted to boil down 2023 to one concept, it would have to be generative AI (gen AI). Few of us can remember a technology that has swept through the business community with such speed and impact. Hardly a day passes without a new development hitting the headlines. While still blanketed with caveats and unknowns, gen AI stands to have a profound impact on how we live and work.

But the very excitement around gen AI is in danger of distracting business leaders from some other core business imperatives and the importance of rewiring their companies. For this reason, we thought it might be helpful to take a quick look at ten underlying ideas that might not be dominating the headlines but are shaping the modern business landscape. Some of these ideas represent significant shifts, such as the importance of architecting the business so that everything can be tested, or how to think about a workforce where everyone has their own gen AI “copilot.” Others, like keeping a tight focus on value, relate to business fundamentals that are often overlooked under the stresses of day-to-day demands and technology hype.