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Technology is a tool not a strategy, but it is an important tool.  Every business should be thinking of ways to leverage technology to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve decision making, and better target sales opportunities. Digital transformation should be a regular part of your leadership discussions.

Managing Your Business Risk Effectively

Introduction: Navigating the complex world of business risk is a critical aspect of steering your company towards success and sustainability. The array of potential risks can be overwhelming, from economic fluctuations to technological advancements. This blog is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these risks and introduce an effective tool for managing

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Making Smart Software Decisions for Your Mid-Sized Business

By Danielle Porter   It’s not uncommon to rely on outdated technologies and manual processes as an emerging business. But when your growing company crosses into the mid-sized market, sloppy processes take a serious toll on productivity. Software is key to streamlining operations in your startup, but what are the must-have tools for the mid-sized

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  • Ten unsung digital and AI ideas shaping business

    If you wanted to boil down 2023 to one concept, it would have to be generative AI (gen AI). Few of us can remember a technology that has swept through the business community with such speed and impact. Hardly a day passes without a new development hitting the headlines. While still blanketed with caveats and unknowns, […]

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  • Generative AI Promises an Economic Revolution. Managing the Disruption Will Be Crucial

    The potential macroeconomic benefits of generative artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies are staggering, on par with transformative technologies that fed the industrial revolution or the information age. Generative AI, by some estimates, stands to double the rate of U.S. productivity growth after a decade of widespread adoption and add trillions of dollars a year to […]

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  • How to Prepare for a GenAI Future You Can’t Predict

    Given the staggering pace of generative AI development, it’s no wonder that so many executives are tempted by the possibilities of AI, concerned about finding and retaining qualified workers, and humbled by recent market corrections or missed analyst expectations. They envision a future of work without nearly as many people as today. But this is […]

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  • BCG Henderson Institute

    Since its founding in 1963, BCG has become known for its analytical approach to problem-solving, as well as the emphasis it places on the exploration and development of new business ideas and pursuits. Notably, BCG’s founder, Bruce D. Henderson pioneered the field of corporate strategy and developed concepts like the Experience Curve and the Growth-Share […]

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  • We Transfer

    allows you to share big files easily with others

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  • Tech Frederick

    formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop FrederickÕs growing high tech community

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