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Technology is a tool not a strategy, but it is an important tool.  Every business should be thinking of ways to leverage technology to increase efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve decision making, and better target sales opportunities. Digital transformation should be a regular part of your leadership discussions.

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Since its founding in 1963, BCG has become known for its analytical approach to problem-solving, as well as the emphasis it places on the exploration and development of new business ideas and pursuits. Notably, BCG’s founder, Bruce D. Henderson pioneered the field of corporate strategy and developed concepts like the Experience Curve and the Growth-Share Matrix. Many of Bruce’s publications are now considered classics of strategy thinking and serve as an integral part of many MBA curriculums. At the BCG Henderson Institute, our goal is to carry on Bruce’s legacy of pushing new thinking in business strategy, competitive advantage,

allows you to share big files easily with others

formed to identify, highlight, support, foster awareness of, advocate for, and develop FrederickÕs growing high tech community

matching small businesses with the world’s top funding providers.

how the practice of management is transforming in the digital age

great blog and website with multiple media formats from author Tim Ferriss

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