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In a world of rapid change, looking for certainty can obscure opportunity. Taking smaller yet bold steps provides a more sure-footed path through uncertainty.

Conventional approaches to strategy have had to adapt in recent years, with rapid technological change and buffeting from external forces. In this episode of Inside the Strategy Room, the authors of the new book, The Imperfectionists: Strategic Mindsets for Uncertain Times, talk about how companies can benefit from acting quickly to take many smaller yet still bold steps. Charles Conn is an investor, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and McKinsey alumnus. Rob McLean is a director of the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Australia’s largest philanthropic foundation; a trustee of the Nature Conservancy in Australia and Asia; and the former dean of the Australian Graduate School of Management. He is also a McKinsey director emeritus. This is an edited transcript of their conversation. For more discussions on the strategy issues that matter, follow the series on your preferred podcast platform.