1: January – Boost Energy

Exercise Better.

Toss, Restore, Organize.

Tackle a Nagging Task.

Act More Energetic.


2: February

Quit Nagging.

Fight Right.

No Dumping.

Give Proofs of Love.


3: March

Launch a Blog.

Enjoy the Fun of Failure.


Ask for Help.

Work Smart.

Enjoy Now.


4: April

Sing in the Morning.

Acknowledge the Reality of People’s Feelings.

Be a Treasure House of Happy Memories.

Take Time for Projects.


5: May


Find More Fun.

Take Time to Be Silly

Go Off the Path.

Start a Collection.


6: June


Be Generous.

Help People Think Big.

Cut People Slack.

Show Up.

Don’t Gossip.

Make Three New Friends.


7: July

Indulge in a Modest Splurge.

Buy Needful Things.

Spend Out.


8: August

Keep a Gratitude Notebook.


9: September

Write a Novel


10: October

Meditate on Koans.

Examine True Rules.

Stimulate the Mind in New Ways


11: November

Laugh Out Loud.

Give Positive Reviews.

Find an Area of Refuge.


12: December