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As a leader your are never done learning – knowledge is everything.  You are only ever as good as what you know and the target of understanding is always moving.  You need to sat “green and growing.” Never approach your role from a place of knowing.  Instead let curiosity be your default approach to problem solving and decision making.

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Sometimes there are no easy answers. In life, we’re all looking for the silver bullet. The one thing that will make everything else easier or solvable. However, life is more complicated than…
Now more than ever, respecting expertise and thinking through our opinions before pushing an agenda may be critical to our short and long-term survival and success. It troubles me greatly when people…

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  Introduction: “Why should anyone really want to be a leader?… First, a leader can create the type of change or results that will improve the lives of others. Second, a leader…
  Introduction: “It is bizarre how many of us have been time-profligate engaging in frivolous searches or retooling our images on social media, all the while neglecting to set aside even a…
  Introduction to the Revised Edition, 2003 “Bad economic times allow second-rate leaders to exercise power recklessly and with impunity. Good times will come again, and when they do, the leaders who…

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The School of Life

How To Think More Effectively: A Guide To Greater Productivity, Insight and Creativity

The School of Life

Great Thinkers: Simple tools from sixty great thinkers to improve your life today.

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