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As a leader your are never done learning – knowledge is everything.  You are only ever as good as what you know and the target of understanding is always moving.  You need to sat “green and growing.” Never approach your role from a place of knowing.  Instead let curiosity be your default approach to problem solving and decision making.

The Power and Importance of Leadership Curiosity

Curiosity has become a hallmark of leaders who drive innovation and guide their organizations to new heights in today’s fast-evolving and competitive business landscape. Being curious is often hailed as a virtue because it compels us to explore beyond the familiar, challenge the status quo, and relentlessly pursue new knowledge and insights. This fundamental drive

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Leaders Should Be Reading

It’s been said many times by those much wiser than me that to be a great leader, you’ve got to be an avid reader. My colleague and friend Ken Stibler reiterated this point during a talk to one of my Vistage groups last week, and it prompted me to write this blog. I firmly believe

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Leadership Lessons from Jeff Shaara’s “The Frozen Hours”

History and leadership examples matter! I recently completed reading Jeff Shaara‘s captivating book on the Korean War, “The Frozen Hours.” The author is renowned for his insightful storytelling and offers more than just a historical account. I was honestly embarrassed by how little I knew about the Korean conflict and how brutal it was to

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    Favorite Articles

  • How to Read a Business Book

    More than 1,000 new business books are released each month in the United States alone. The good ones represent original contributions to theory and practice or provide meaningful extensions or applications of those theories and practices. The others tend to present recycled and superficial treatments of those original contributions. So how can you ensure not […]

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  • Six reasons successful leaders love questions

    Asking questions and listening to the questions of others helps leaders make better decisions.

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  • Critical Thinking Is About Asking Better Questions

    Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and effectively break down an issue in order to make a decision or find a solution. At the heart of critical thinking is the ability to formulate deep, different, and effective questions. For effective questioning, start by holding your hypotheses loosely. Be willing to fundamentally reconsider your initial […]

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    Helpful Websites

  • Growth Institute

    Professional development resource/community for leaders looking to scale their business.

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  • Coaching Real Leaders Podcast

    Real-life coaching sessions with leaders working to overcome professional challenges produced by the Harvard Business Review

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  • Visual Capitalist

    Every day a staggering 2.5 exabytes of data is generated making our world increasingly difficult to understand. Visual Capitalist is one of the fastest growing online publishers globally, focused on topics including markets, technology, energy and the global economy. By highlighting the bigger picture through data-driven visuals, we stay true to our mission to help cut through […]

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    Video Favorites

  • Are You An Ideal Team Player?

    Patrick Lencioni thinks it is time to change the way we prepare people for success. Drawing from his book, The Ideal Team Player, Lencioni makes the compelling case that the key to success in an increasingly team-oriented world is being humble, hungry and smart. Whether you’re a CEO or a 7th grader, focusing on these […]

  • Dr. Derek Cabrera: How Thinking Works – TEDxWilliamsport

    Dr. Derek Cabrera is an internationally recognized expert in metacognition (thinking about thinking), epistemology (the study of knowledge), human and organizational learning, and education. He completed his PhD and post doctoral studies at Cornell University and served as faculty at Cornell and researcher at the Santa Fe Institute. He leads the Cabrera Research Lab, is […]

  • Brian Johnson – My Life’s Work in 1 hour 11 minutes and 35 seconds (Seriously. This is it!! 🤓 )

    Brian Johnson has spent thousands of hours studying and teaching (and, most importantly, striving to embody!) the fundamental principles of Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science. In this video, he captures the essence of the program that integrates all that wisdom into ONE (!) “START HERE!” coherent framework to help people fundamentally and permanently change their […]

    Reading Excerpts

  • Reflections On Life and Leading Book Excerpts – Part 2

    Very few of us have a life curve that is only upward sloping. The difference is that “lucky” people just do not let their periods of adversity define them in unhelpful ways. They just keep plugging away, learning from their mistakes, continuing to believe in themselves, and taking calculated risks anyway. Their worldview is usually […]

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  • Reflections on Life and Leading Book Excerpts – Part 1

      Your Life: I have always thought that the whole concept of work life balance is a bit of an illusion. It is difficult for me to imagine someone who has a life that is always completely in balance. Things don’t always work out this way. It’s like the idea of a fifty-fifty partnership or […]

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  • On Leadership and Business Book Excerpts Sections 3-5 by Ed Robinson

        “Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” —Peter Drucker   Part Three: It Takes Vision If you ask the average employee of the typical company why the company exists, what sets it […]

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