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Every business has its core product/service delivery operations and its support functions.  There needs to be a process-based approach to working through a value chain delivery model to service your core customers/clients. The goals should be to maximize both profit margins and end user satisfaction; efficiency and quality are key. In all organizations, most people work in an operational role, so this category has the potential to make an enormous difference to your success.

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Growth is hard work.  For the past 27 years, I’ve worked as an executive coach, Vistage Chair, trainer or management consultant with hundreds of organizations. They have varied in size from just…

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  Five Stages of Decline: Hubris Born of Success Undisciplined Pursuit of More Denial of Risk and Peril Grasping for Salvation Capitulation to Irreverence or Death   “The concept of hubris is…

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Risk management is a process in which risks are identified and controlled proactively. It allows businesses to improve their chances of success by minimizing threats and maximizing opportunities. Risk management is essential to a business as it helps prevent financial losses and increase revenue.  Other benefits of risk management include, Help to identify projects that might be headed toward trouble and apply solutions Help to prepare for unexpected threats beforehand Help to provide enough data to make better decisions regarding projects/ events Help to improve communication between stakeholders and project teams Help teams stay more focused on the key

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