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Daily Leadership Thought #84 – People Can Be A Bridge to Your Future Happiness

January 26, 2011

Free A Couple Walking on a Bridge  Stock Photo

People who enjoy life the most are bridge builders.

You never know when you can meet someone who has the potential to change your life for the better.   The trick is to always be open to possibilities.  Many of us as we age, contract our social and/or professional circles.  We become less comfortable putting ourselves out there and seeking new relationships. Men, especially tend to do this unless forced into it by some extenuating circumstance.

It’s easy to get comfortable with who we are and what we know.  Building new relationships can seem like hard work in an already busy life.  However, people can be a bridge to your future happiness.  They can help you see the world in new and different ways.  They can offer you a perspective of who you are that is unfiltered by past experience.

You should never get too comfortable with your own worldview.   Even though our politicians and media talking heads would like us to think otherwise, diversity of opinion is a good thing and keeps you honest and sharp when it comes to your own beliefs and ideas.  The one constant in life is change and navigating change requires being flexible and adaptable in your thinking.  It just makes sense that the broader your circle of friends and colleagues, the deeper your understanding will be of the world and its unlimited opportunities for personal growth and development.