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Leadership Thought #384 – How Strong Are Your Relationships?

July 16, 2012

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If we are honest with ourselves, most of our relationships are ones of convenience or necessity.  Typically, these types of friendships are fine if things stay stable and major life issues don’t complicate the mix.  However, once something bad happens, you quickly learn who your faithful friends are, and the result may surprise you.

Friendship is easy when life is easy.  When life gets hard, some people just don’t have the stomach for it.   Always remember that this says more about them than you.  Some people are just much more comfortable taking rather than giving.  They cannot handle deeper levels of emotional depth or commitment.

A true friendship should incorporate all aspects of life, not just the good stuff.   There will be moments when you feel overwhelmed and need to ask for help, which is okay.  We all need people close to us who will help us get through the tough times.  They will have to be comfortable with seeing the less attractive side of our personality and allowing us to be fully human.   They should be willing to help us create a place where it is safe to be honest about what we are experiencing.  When we get off track, they should gently nudge us in the right direction and then walk with us, holding our hand if necessary.   They should never enable immoral, unethical, or destructive behaviorWe should also be willing to do the same for them when needed.  All great relationships are a two-way street.

I am fortunate to be blessed with many caring and supportive people in my life.  Some I hold close, others I know are there if needed.  I hope and pray they expect and can rely on the same from me.  We are all on this ride called life together and it helps to know you do not have to go through it alone, especially when the ride gets dark and bumpy.   It is okay to need support, empathy, understanding, compassion, and even some tough love, if you give it back in return.   People can lift you up, bring you down, or do nothing for you whatsoever.  You always learn the most about the strength of your relationships when you need them the most.