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Team Building/Development Resources

Team building is a critical success skill for business owners and leaders.  No matter how good they are, there is only so much of an impact one person can have on an organization, especially as it grows.  I am confident that a group of focused, committed, and technically competent individuals will regularly outperform any gifted individual contributor.  However, harnessing and effectively leveraging the skills of a group of individual contributors is hard work.   If it were easy everyone could do it and organizations would function much better.

Unlocking Success Through Financial Transparency: A Guide for Business Leaders

In today’s fast-paced business environment, where trust and credibility are pillars of success, financial transparency is becoming a critical lever for success, not just an obligation to the IRS or your bank. As a business owner or CEO, you understand the importance of making informed decisions, nurturing stakeholder relationships, and fostering a culture of accountability

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CEOs: Are You Building a Team of A Players? (And Are You One?)

The term “A player” gets thrown around a lot in leadership circles. But what does it really mean? Do these unicorns of talent surround you, or are you still searching for your first one? (And, more importantly, are you one yourself?) Decoding the DNA of an A Player: These aren’t just top performers; they’re difference-makers

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    Recommended Reading

  • The Four Disciplines of Execution

    Chris McChesney

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    For fans of Good to Great and The First 90 Days, The Four Disciplines of Execution is the book “every leader should read” (Clayton Christensen, Professor, Harvard Business School, and author of The Innovator’s Dilemma) for creating lasting organizational change. A #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller with more than 500,000 copies sold, The Four Disciplines of Execution will radically change your business. 4DX® is not […]

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  • Getting Along: How To Work With Anyone (Even Difficult People)

    Amy Gallo

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    Work relationships can be hard. The stress of dealing with difficult people dampens our creativity and productivity, degrades our ability to think clearly and make sound decisions, and causes us to disengage. We might lie awake at night worrying, withdraw from work, or react in ways we later regret—rolling our eyes in a meeting, snapping […]

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  • Getting To “Yes And” – The Art of Business Improv

    Bob Kulhan

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    Amidst the deluge of advice for businesspeople, there lies an overlooked tool, a key to thriving in today’s fast-paced, unpredictable environment: improvisation. In Getting to “Yes And” veteran improv performer, university professor, CEO, and consultant Bob Kulhan unpacks a form of mental agility with powers far beyond the entertainment value of comedy troupes. Drawing on principles from […]

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    Favorite Articles

  • Your Team Members Aren’t Participating in Meetings. Here’s What to Do.

    Traditional advice for leaders who want to increase meeting participation call for clarifying expectations, setting clear agendas, and asking open-ended questions. While these strategies have their merits, they might not always work because they’re usually based on the leader’s assumptions about what the team needs, rather than facts about what they actually need. Managers who […]

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  • How to Talk to Your Team About a Decision You Disagree With

    When you’re part of a company’s management structure, there will be moments when you’ll have to represent a decision your bosses made that you don’t agree with to your team. Carrying the proverbial flag on behalf of the powers-that-be won’t feel good, but that’s part of the job. Barring a decision or action that is […]

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  • How High-Performing Teams Build Trust

    It’s no surprise that trust is at the core of high-performing teams. But conversations about cultivating trust at work often focus on the relationship between managers and employees. As important — if not more so — is establishing trust between teammates. To understand how the best teams build trust among themselves, researchers interviewed 1,000 U.S.-based […]

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    Video Favorites

  • Genius Network Presents: Cameron Herold – Vivid Vision

    In this segment, Cameron Herold delivers a Ten Minute Talk™ on The Genius Network on creating and implementing a Vivid Vision. Cameron’s built a dynamic consultancy- his current clients include a ‘Big 4’ wireless carrier and a monarchy. What do his clients say they like most about him? He isn’t a theory guy- they like […]

  • Are You An Ideal Team Player?

    Patrick Lencioni thinks it is time to change the way we prepare people for success. Drawing from his book, The Ideal Team Player, Lencioni makes the compelling case that the key to success in an increasingly team-oriented world is being humble, hungry and smart. Whether you’re a CEO or a 7th grader, focusing on these […]

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  • High Performance: Lessons From The Best on Becoming Your Best

    Please click on link to download a copy of this summary   SECTION 1 – HIGH-PERFORMANCE MINDSET  Lesson 1: Take Responsibility He (Albert Badura) speculated that when people don’t believe they have what it takes to complete a task successfully, they would see little point in making an initial effort. When these people did attempt […]

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  • The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

      Skill 1: Build Safety Chapter 1 “Safety is not mere emotional weather but rather the foundation on which a strong culture is built.” P. 6 “When you ask people inside highly successful groups to describe their relationship with one another, they all tend to choose the same word. This word is not friends, or […]

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