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Neither business nor life is just an intellectual exercise. All human beings have emotions that drive our actions. When we feel strong emotions, it tends to straight trigger strong reactions.  Negative emotions…
Making the leap from entrepreneur to CEO isn’t always an easy journey.  I’ve seen many people struggle with this transition.  Leadership is not something you are born with; it is something you…
We need leaders to reclaim the positive leadership narrative and model responsible behavior. We need leaders in charge who genuinely care about other people and want to make the world a…

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Chapter 1 – Positive Intelligence and PQ Your mind is your best friend, but it is also your worst enemy. Positive Intelligence measures the relative strength of these two modes of your…
PART ONE Chapter 1 – Setting Up the Equation Happiness is the absence of unhappiness Happiness your default state Success is not an essential prerequisite to happiness While success doesn’t lead to…
  “We must fight the tendency to sleepwalk through our lives, and awaken. This is the fundamental aspect of the Hero’s Journey.”   Insight #1: There are no mistakes, only lessons. There…
  Foreword “…unchaperoned, and left to our own untutored judgment, we are quick to aim low and worship qualities that are beneath us” “…no matter how different our genes or life experiences…

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