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Nothing of consequence is ever accomplished without some form of leadership.  Leaders are the change agents of society. They architect the future by challenging the status quo and striving to make things better.  They lean into big problems and seize large opportunities.  They create opportunities for others to find meaning through doing good work.  I have been fortunate to work closely with hundreds of leaders through the years and this category is inspired by this experience.

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In my morning walk today, I contemplated how leaders need to be able to navigate the complex landscape of beliefs and faiths. These two concepts are often used interchangeably, but they have…
We all know virtue when we see it.  Leadership is more than just occupying a position or wielding power; it’s about exemplifying behaviors that inspire others and make an impact. A leader’s…

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INTRODUCTION: Every obstacle is unique to each of us. But the responses they elicit are the same: Fear. Frustration. Confusion. Helplessness. Depression. Anger. There have been countless lessons (and books) about achieving…
Managing Up and Across Excerpts   SECTION ONE – MANAGING UP Managing Your Boss: This relationship can be problematic for two reasons. First, a boss plays conflicting roles: supporter and evaluator, which…

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Since its founding in 1963, BCG has become known for its analytical approach to problem-solving, as well as the emphasis it places on the exploration and development of new business ideas and pursuits. Notably, BCG’s founder, Bruce D. Henderson pioneered the field of corporate strategy and developed concepts like the Experience Curve and the Growth-Share Matrix. Many of Bruce’s publications are now considered classics of strategy thinking and serve as an integral part of many MBA curriculums. At the BCG Henderson Institute, our goal is to carry on Bruce’s legacy of pushing new thinking in business strategy, competitive advantage,

Professional development resource/community for leaders looking to scale their business.

The purpose of this page is simply to share some insights into how and why our website was started. Back in September of 2002, the vision for Leadership-Tools.com was born out of a strong desire to share the many benefits of high quality leadership tools and resources; tools that have helped me in so many ways, in both my personal and professional life. It’s been my experience as a leader in a corporate environment for the past 30+ years, that most of the really good leadership tools and programs on the market today tend to be cost prohibitive. We

Real-life coaching sessions with leaders working to overcome professional challenges produced by the Harvard Business Review

Summarize top business and personal development books for entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals.

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Ed’s books on Leadership, Life and Business will elevate your knowledge and give you the confidence to apply it to your personal and professional life.