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Daily Leadership Thought #80 – When It Comes to Goals, Less Is More

January 19, 2011

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It’s hard to be successful without goals.  At the beginning of a new year most people are excited about what’s possible.  The world seems full of opportunity and the only obstacle to success is your own thinking.  While this sentiment may be philosophically true, it also isn’t a practical way to approach business or life.  The most successful people I know don’t create long lists of goals they want to accomplish.  As the saying goes, “if everything is important, then nothing really is.”   Instead, they focus on a handful of objectives that will clearly advance the end results they are trying to achieve in their work and personal life.  It’s one thing to “want” to do something, it’s quite another to make it a necessity.  My personal preference is to recommend no more than 5-7 major goals or objectives each year.  Determined focus has always been a key ingredient to success.