Daily Leadership Thought #74 – Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

January 5, 2011

Napoleon Hill quote: Plan you work and work your plan.

Planning is a critical part of life.  Successful people rarely “wing it.”  Sure some individuals do win the lottery or get disproportionately lucky, but for the most part, success is the result of focused discipline exhibited in small steps taken each and every day.  You do need to know where you are going if you plan to get there.   It’s also important to think through the most efficient and best route to reach your destination.  Don’t just launch into activity mode and hope you figure it out as you go along.  Every day we all get to make a decision about how we spend our time.   Time is, in fact, our most valuable asset and most people waste far too much of it.  Hope is not a strategy.  I encourage you to make the effort to always plan your work then work your plan.  You will end up with more time and better results in the long run.