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The quality of a life is defined by the quality of your relationships.  True happiness doesn’t come from focusing solely on yourself and what you want.  Instead, it is about making a positive difference in lives of others.

Work-Life Balance for Small Business Owners: Making Intentional Choices

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the elusive concept of work-life balance often feels like an unattainable dream. The relentless demands and pressures of running a business can easily devour every waking moment, leaving precious little time and energy for personal life, family commitments, and self-care. It’s a familiar struggle – the constant tug-of-war between

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Empathy: An Essential Virtue for Leadership and Life

Empathy is one of the most important yet often overlooked human virtues. At its core, empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings and perspectives of others. It’s the capacity to step into someone else’s shoes, imagine their experiences, and feel what they are feeling. While empathy comes more naturally to some than

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Everything has a Beginning, Middle, and End; Farewell to Bambi

Yesterday, I faced one of the hardest decisions of my life—saying goodbye to my beloved dog, Bambi. After 13 wonderful years, it was her time to rest. This moment, though heartbreakingly necessary, underscored a profound truth about life: everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The Sweetness of Beginnings Beginnings are often filled

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  • Forgiving a Difficult Colleague

    Forgiveness is a complex and often misunderstood concept. Theologians and philosophers have discoursed for centuries on what it is, when to offer it, and why it’s good for us. But what about those times when someone’s aggravating or offensive behavior is unlikely to ever change? It’s one thing to extend forgiveness to someone who is […]

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  • High-Performing Teams Don’t Leave Relationships to Chance

    Research has shown that employees with close connections at work are more productive, creative, and collaborative. They’re also more satisfied with their job, less susceptible to burnout, and less likely to leave. Managers can create the conditions for work friendships to flourish through three simple actions. First, make it easier for employees to identify commonalities. […]

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  • How to Handle Office Gossip … When It’s About You

    Gossip comes in different forms that serve different purposes. When it’s used as an indirect way of surfacing or engaging in interpersonal conflicts, it can incite workplace drama. So what should you do if you find out a colleague has been gossiping about you? First, let the messenger of the gossip know you’ll be discussing it with […]

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  • The Eight Rules of The School of Life

    The School of Life is an organization built to help you find serenity, resilience and connection. Here are 8 rules designed to guide you to the life you deserve, 8 key ideas to hold on to during difficult times.

  • What do all great leaders have in common

    Matt Beeton has been in leadership positions for the last 20 years and has been conducting research in to the ‘common denominator’ of great leaders over the past two years. Matt will share insight into a few of those most common denominators and use these findings to offer advice to the next generation of leaders. […]

  • Ken Blanchard – Servant Leadership

    Management legend Ken Blanchard reveals why servant leadership is the only model for better organisations and a better world.

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  • Reflections On Life and Leading Book Excerpts – Part 2

    Very few of us have a life curve that is only upward sloping. The difference is that “lucky” people just do not let their periods of adversity define them in unhelpful ways. They just keep plugging away, learning from their mistakes, continuing to believe in themselves, and taking calculated risks anyway. Their worldview is usually […]

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  • HBR Guide to Managing Up and Across

    Managing Up and Across Excerpts   SECTION ONE – MANAGING UP Managing Your Boss: This relationship can be problematic for two reasons. First, a boss plays conflicting roles: supporter and evaluator, which can create confusion. Second, people often bring their past experiences with authority into the relationship, which can create unnecessary complications.   Don’t presume […]

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  • Reflections on Life and Leading Book Excerpts – Part 1

      Your Life: I have always thought that the whole concept of work life balance is a bit of an illusion. It is difficult for me to imagine someone who has a life that is always completely in balance. Things don’t always work out this way. It’s like the idea of a fifty-fifty partnership or […]

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