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Everything has a Beginning, Middle, and End; Farewell to Bambi

April 19, 2024

Yesterday, I faced one of the hardest decisions of my life—saying goodbye to my beloved dog, Bambi. After 13 wonderful years, it was her time to rest. This moment, though heartbreakingly necessary, underscored a profound truth about life: everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

The Sweetness of Beginnings

Beginnings are often filled with excitement and hope. Think about the thrill of new love, the pride of stepping into a newly purchased home, starting a new job, or the joy of welcoming a new baby into your life. These moments brim with potential, promising the thrill of what’s to come. I remember the first day Bambi came into my life—a bundle of energy with a tail that wouldn’t stop wagging. She was a beacon of love and fun, instantly becoming a cherished member of my family.

The Complexity of Middles

However, as time progresses, the initial spark of new beginnings tends to fade into the day-to-day. In these middle periods, we often find ourselves taking these same people/situations for granted. Life becomes a pattern of routines, and sometimes, amidst our busy schedules, we forget to cherish the presence of those around us. We plan for the future, overlooking the precious present—a child wanting to play at the end of a hectic workday, an elderly parent wanting to talk on the phone, or the companionship of a pet lying by your side, wagging its tail and wanting your attention. They are there for us, but we are sometimes elsewhere. We typically spend the most time in this phase.

The Poignancy of Endings

Then, inevitably, we come to the end. Endings are rarely easy. They’re often filled with emotions intensified by the imminent loss. As Bambi’s health declined, I found myself reflecting on every moment we had shared, wishing I had cherished them more when they were happening. This period was characterized by profound love and a desperate desire to alleviate her suffering, which ultimately led me to make the most humane decision for her.

Lessons from Loss

The time-limited nature of existence is a harsh yet valuable teacher. As I reflect on Bambi’s life, I realize how every interaction with our loved ones, human or pet, deserves our full attention and appreciation. She gave so much and asked so little. We don’t have unlimited tomorrows. Our friends, family, and beloved pets may leave us sooner than we’d like. This realization urges us to live more fully in the present, appreciating each moment we have.

Moving Forward

The grief of losing Bambi is immense, yet within that sorrow lies a deep gratitude for the journey we shared. From her joyful beginnings, through the comforting middle period, to the tender end, her life was a testament to unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. As I navigate through this loss, I’m reminded of the importance of not just passing time but making it count.

Every farewell in life serves as a reminder of life’s fragility and inherent beauty. While Bambi’s physical presence has faded, her spirit remains a guiding light in my life, encouraging me to cherish every moment, to live fully, and to love without reservation. She was the embodiment of kindness and good nature. Here’s to the sweet memories that will forever hold a place in my heart, to the love that never truly ends, and to the lessons learned in the silence of absence. Time is indeed finite; let us not waste it.