Chapter 1: The Caddie and the CEO

The Trillion Dollar Coach


Chapter 2: Your Title Makes You a Manager. Your People Make You a Leader


It’s the People


Start with Trip Reports


Five Words on a Whiteboard


Framework for 1:1s and Reviews


The Throne Behind the Round Table


Lead-Based on First Principles


Manage the Aberrant Genius


Money’s Not About Money


Innovation is Where the Crazy People Have Stature


Heads Held High

Bill on Boards


Chapter 3: Build an Envelope of Trust


Only Coach the Coachable


Practice Free-Form Listening


No Gap Between Statement and Fact


Don’t Stick it in Their Ears


Be the Evangelist for Courage


Full Identity Front and Center


Chapter 4: Team First


Work the Team, then the Problem


Pick the Right Players


Pair People


The Peer Feedback Survey


Get to the Table


Solve the Biggest Problem


Don’t Let the Bitch Sessions Last




Leaders Lead


Fill the Gaps Between People


Permission to be Empathetic


Chapter 5: The Power of Love


Top Ten ‘Billisms’

  1. “You should have that shirt cleaned and burned.”
  2. “You’re as dumb as a post.”
  3. “He’s one of the great horse’s asses of our time.
  4. “You’re a numbnuts.”
  5. “You couldn’t run a five-flat forty-yard dash off a cliff.”
  6. “You’ve got hands like feet.”
  7. “You’d fuck up a free lunch.”
  8. “You’re so fucked up you make me look good.”
  9. “Don’t fuck it up.”
  10. “That’s the sound of your head coming out of your ass.”


The Lovely Reset


The Percussive Clap


Always Build Communities




Love the Founders


The Elevator Chat


Chapter 6: The Yardstick


The What Next? Decision