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Leadership Thought #224 – Anything Is Possible

October 4, 2011

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Anything is possible but not everything is probable.  We just need to figure out how much risk we are willing to take and how hard we are willing to work at something.  You can choose to live an easy low stress existence, or you can push yourself to your limits – it’s up to you.  Most of us live somewhere in between these two polar opposites and usually end up with the outcomes we deserve.  In most cases there aren’t incapable victims, just people who talked themselves out of success or happiness because they weren’t willing to confront the brutal facts of their reality.  They were unwilling to challenge themselves to grow and achieve more.  I am always saddened when I hear someone bemoan their status quo existence but then make little effort to do something about it.  It’s as if they are caught in a vicious cycle of self-inflicted denial and ineptitude.

People of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are capable of incredible things.  The evidence is all around us.  I was fortunate to see Cirque du Soleil this past weekend and it was amazing.  I went into the show with lofty expectations, and they were exceeded.  Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it before.  What people can accomplish physically with their bodies is almost hard to comprehend.  The individuals on the stage weren’t all that different from their audience. The performers were both short and tall.  They were also slim and stocky.  Some were attractive while many others were only average looking.   However, they all had their given place in the show and excelled in their role.  What separated them from the crowd was their obvious level of training and learned competence.  It was also their willingness to push themselves to become great at something hard to do. They clearly believed in themselves and didn’t succumb to the limitations of negative thinking.

Most of us don’t have the courage, dedication, and perseverance to push our bodies to its physical limits.  We either talk ourselves out of it or stop when it gets hard.  The same thing happens in careers and relationships.  However, our libraries and media outlets are full of stories of incredible bravery and accomplishment.  There are also innumerable stories where couples overcome significant obstacles to be with one another and find true love.  I can’t guarantee you that if you try you won’t fail or that you may end up short of your anticipated destination. If you live your life fully, you risk disappointment, pain, and sorrow (note: all three will happen anyway).   However, I can guarantee you that in all, but a very few cases, success and happiness won’t simply fall in your lap.  Every individual is capable of greatness in their own life. The question you must ask is: “how much do you want something and what are you going to do about it.

The day you genuinely believe anything is possible is the day your life changes for the better.