Daily Leadership Thought #97 – Be Wary of Overly Strong Opinions

February 25, 2011

patience | Balance Challenge

I always find people who hold overly strong opinions a bit suspect.   They speak as if their point of view is in fact the truth rather than what it is an opinion (even if it is an educated one).  There are very few beliefs that can actually be validated as truths.  Most things in life are open to interpretation.   And, interpretation is mostly a subjective exercise. No one person has all the answers or a full understanding of the facts.

When you completely ignore other points of view and refuse to listen to different ideas, you are inhibiting your own intellectual growth.  You don’t have to completely change your opinions, but they should stand the rigorous test of logic and alternative perspective.  In addition, speaking louder or more emotively than the other person doesn’t make you right it just means you are more brash and less concerned with what other’s think or feel.

Passion is good.  Commitment is good. Conviction is good.  Courage is good. However, all of these things coupled with ignorance and/or a closed mind is potentially dangerous.