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Daily Leadership Thought #114 – Keep Plugging Away

March 29, 2011

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Successful people learn the importance of simply plugging away.

Life rewards resilience.  Each of us will experience highs and lows.  There will be moments where we feel we can do nothing wrong, and others where truly little seems to go right.   We may feel on top of our game professionally but struggle personally and vice versa.  It is all part of the journey.  The important thing is not to give up or lose hope and to keep plugging away regardless of what happens.

Sometimes it is as simple as simply waking up, getting out of bed, and seeing each new day as an opportunity.  Setbacks are inevitable.  Even those of us who live a relatively easy life must deal with adversity at some point and the fact that no one’s happiness and success curve is always just upward sloping.  Feelings of grief, loss and remorse affect everyone.  The good news is that love, joy, and friendship will also be experienced.

How you view your life is all about context and perspective.  Accept the fact that there will be ups and downs.  Try not to get too high or too low when this happens.  Embrace the Duality Principle of existence which states that every experience naturally has its opposite.  The full appreciation of light is not possible without darkness.  Keep plugging away and doing the best you can regardless of the circumstances and good things will inevitably happen.