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Daily Leadership Thought #83 – Everyone Has An Agenda

January 24, 2011

Everyone has an AGENDA ... | Quotes & Writings by Bhawana Tiwari | YourQuote

In life and business, everyone has an agenda and that is OKAY.  In fact, it is to be expected.  Most people live their day-to-day existence in a subjective mindset.  We all want answers to the same questions.  What is expected of me? How does it affect me?  What do I need to gain or stand to lose from this situation?  In addition, as hard as we try, what others have to say isn’t as important as what we want to say (or so we think).  All of this is simply basic human nature.

Instead of trying to fight this reality, go with it.  Be upfront; ask people what they genuinely want to have happen, their concerns about making it happen, etc.  As the saying goes, “if you want to be viewed as a good conversationalist, simply ask people about themselves and just let them talk.”    The clues to success will be littered throughout their responses. Stay focused on the “why” before jumping to the “what.”  Then, once you have established the connection, tell them what you think and want to make happen, how you benefit and why this also helps advance their own agenda.  Be inquisitive but also be honest and good things will happen.