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Daily Leadership Thought #65 – Everyone Needs A Mentor

December 7, 2010

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No one rises to the top alone.  No matter how successful you are, everyone needs a mentor.  More than one is even better.  It’s easy to fall in love with your own opinions and limit your intellectual breadth to your own world view.  However, it also stunts your growth personally and professionally.  A good mentor will ensure this does not happen by providing objective feedback regarding your ideas, decisions, and actions. He/She can be an invaluable resource as you tackle the inevitable business challenges and consider market opportunities.   I’ve always believed that a common characteristic of successful people is that they are very aware of what they know and do not know.  They are smart and humble enough to seek advice from the best people they know (or can find).  They also prefer to be challenged rather than be surrounded by people who only tell them what they want to hear.   I encourage you to identify and reach out to a mentor on a semi-regular basis.  Trust me, it will make an enormous difference to your career and life.