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Daily Leadership Thought #60 – Nobody Is Ever Successful Alone

November 24, 2010

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I’ve yet to meet a truly successful person who has done so without talented colleagues, a supportive family and/or circle of friends.  Sure, success can be one dimensional and only about money or fame, but most of these people end up lonely and unhappy in other areas of their life (so I wouldn’t call their experience a true success).   This doesn’t mean that everyone starts on a level playing field.  Some people must overcome significant personal obstacles and handicaps to get where they are, but they do it.  True leaders and winners continually work on building healthier, more constructive relationships in their life.  They understand that no one ever gets to the top alone.  And what’s the point of being successful if you can’t share it with other people?  Cherish and be thankful for your family and friends this Thanksgiving! Send your colleagues off on the holiday with some kind words or other expressions of gratitude.  If something isn’t right in any of these areas, commit to taking the steps necessary to make it better. In the end, life is all about the quality of your relationships.