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Leadership Thought #253 – Fight The “Black Cloud” Mentality

November 29, 2011

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Do you find yourself always under a black cloud under the threat of an impending storm?

Everyone goes through periods of adversity.  Sometimes it does feel like you can’t catch a break.  It is as if a black cloud decided to appear overhead, dampen your spirits, and weaken your resolve.  However, the good news is that storm clouds do pass by, and the sun will reappear.  No one ends up stuck in a rut forever.  If you hang in there and genuinely get up every day and do your best, then good things will eventually happen again.  It is just the law of averages.

Sadly, I have met quite a few people who have claimed the black cloud as their identity.  They seem to enjoy wallowing in self-pity.  They use this as an excuse as to why things have not turned out better in their life.  Instead of embracing the fact that they are the architect of their own future, they defer most of the responsibility to events beyond their capacity to control.   They look outside of themselves for excuses rather than look inside for answers.

Henry Ford has a famous quote, ‘if you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”  I believe this sums up most of life quite nicely.  Self-confidence and self-belief do matter.  So much about success and happiness is related to your mental attitude and emotional resilience.  Some of us may have a harder time than others have or start out with more baggage, but the history of civilization proves that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things and overcome great obstacles in the process.  While it may seem easier at times to give up or give in, you must fight these feelings, forge ahead, and persevere.  Never embrace failure and unhappiness as your default reality.

The sun WILL come out tomorrow.  Even if it is shrouded in a black cloud cover, it is still there and will eventually reappear.  Things won’t always go your way.  Pain, suffering, disappointment, and loss are a part of life, but so are health, happiness, self-satisfaction, and love.  Focus on what’s right in the world and count your blessings.  Do your best no matter the circumstances.  Lean on others when you need to and gain strength through them.  Believe in yourself and never lose faith in your own ability to navigate whatever life has in store for you. Fight the black cloud mentality every chance you get.