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Leadership Thought #408 – Live Your Core Purpose and Personal Priorities

October 15, 2012

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Several years ago, one of my Vistage groups was lucky enough to have Randy Peeters come speak to us about personal core purpose. Few people have accomplished what this very humble and understated man has done in his life. In his presence you get the sense that you are around a man at peace with his human existence and not victim to the same self-imposed boundaries that most of us erect up in our own lives. He is a textbook example of pushing the envelope on what’s possible and using your time here on earth effectively.  I was very affected by my time with him and created my own core purpose and personal priorities developed because of his presentation.  Hopefully, this example with stimulate similar activity on your end:

My Purpose Statement (Why I am here?): To be a force for good, vessel for positive change and conduit of love and support.

My Personal Priorities:

1. Do work that I am passionate about and can also do well;

2. Create an environment where my children thrive and realize their potential;

3. Be a good and supportive spouse/sibling/friend especially when it isn’t easy or convenient;

4. Help other leaders achieve their dreams/goals;

5. Never forget to have fun, explore my non-work passions, and enjoy people;

6. Translate my views/opinions to a larger audience; engage people in thoughtful and useful dialogue;

7. Stand up for things I care about; be the change I want to see in the world.

I revisit this statement on a regular basis, use it to develop and filter my annual goals, and apply it as a guide in all my big decisions.  I wasn’t always so focused and disciplined in my thinking about my life in this context.   Over the past several years I’ve gained more clarity as to who I am and what I am trying to accomplish with the gift of whatever time I have left.