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Leadership Thought #213 – Tap Into Your Moments of Inspiration

September 14, 2011

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Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time.  Sometimes triggered by small, innocuous events, other times it is the result of something significant happening.  In its best form, it usually happens organically and unexpectedly.   It’s not something you can program or create as needed.  Sadly, most people allow these moments to pass by and they evaporate as quickly as they come.

I believe that when you are truly inspired it is the universe trying to communicate with you.   It feels like some small portal of positive energy has opened and invited you to pay attention.  Too often we try to force things or do what we think is right instead of listening to the clues all around us.  I believe that for every person there is an ideal path, based on who they are and what they value. They are free to choose this journey (or others).  We are all meant to be happy and there are forces out there trying to guide us in the right direction.  Occasionally, our brain tunes into this frequency perfectly and tries to tell us what we need to focus on, understand, and act upon. Successful authors, musicians and artists are typically adept at recognizing when these moments occur and going with it.  The universe never stops trying to make the connections that will allow this to happen.

Inspiration doesn’t always happen at convenient times.  It isn’t a 9am-5pm phenomenon.  It can appear in the middle of the night and wake you from a sound sleep.  It can happen in the shower or while stuck in traffic.  You can sense it in the middle of a meeting or while grocery shopping.  What is important is that you recognize when it happens and do something about it.

Be careful to listen to these messages without judgment and let the full thought come to fruition without tamping it down, jumping into critical mode, or succumbing to self-limiting thoughts about your current reality.  You should always push yourself to broaden the definition of who you are and what you are capable of.  Inspiration is a gift!

I encourage my clients to carry a small notepad around with them or keep a digital recorder handy to capture these moments.  I keep a journal by my bed.  You can also leave yourself voice or email messages capturing the essence of these moments of inspiration.

However, don’t think all “aha” moments are created equal.  Not every inspired thought will lead to an epiphany.   The key is to keep focusing on the simple act of paying attention to and capturing moments of inspiration.  This will increase your likelihood of acting and tapping into this positive energy.  We are all meant to be happy and have the tools and abilities to navigate whatever life has to offer us.  Our ability to think creatively is a significant part of what separates us as human beings and is a big reason we are still here.