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Leverage Your Moments of Inspiration

June 16, 2021

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Neither business nor life is just an intellectual exercise. All human beings have emotions that drive our actions. When we feel strong emotions, it tends to straight trigger strong reactions. Negative emotions improperly managed can set us back considerably and trigger actions upon hindsight we’d rather not have taken.  There are also moments when we don’t feel much of anything, and life feels like we’re just going through the motions.  I encourage you to be proactive about recognizing, creating and/or finding those moments that inspire strong positive emotions.

People find inspiration in many ways. For some of us, it could be the bucolic beauty of nature. It can be watching your children playing in the backyard on a beautiful night.  It could be a special piece of music that resonates with them. I know many people who feel they think their clearest and best after strenuous exercise.  I am also friends with others that get inspired by great pieces of writing or works of art.   There have been moments in my own life when simply walking through the doors of a church or cathedral has inspired me.  The list goes on and on. I have no silver bullet as to what it is for you, but you do, and should tap into it when it happens.

Inspiration tends to lead to positive feelings which then make you feel good about yourself and what you are capable of.  It creates an appreciation for what is and hope for what could be.  These special moments also connect you to the world around you and bring meaning to existence.  You end up viewing the world through the lenses of gratitude, hope, opportunity, and wonder.  Some of the greatest ideas and achievements of humankind have been sparked by a simple moment of inspiration.   Simply put, when you are inspired you bring your best self to the surface.

Of course, it’s impossible to be inspired all the time.  Part of life is simply moving forward and doing what is necessary or required.    We also will have to deal with the inevitable trials and tribulations of being human.  However, there will always be small and big moments of inspiration that appear throughout the course of your journey.  It is the fuel that will keep you going and move you in the direction of where you want to be. Inspiration does sometimes just happen like magic, but don’t just wait for the magic moments.  Create the conditions for them to happen and then when they do, see if they can pose a question, solve a problem, force a decision, or encourage an action that will make your life better.


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