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Daily Leadership Thought #106 – You Aren’t The Center Of the Universe

March 14, 2011

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Too many people act as if they are the center of the universe.  It’s only what happens to them that matters.

I am very worried about the number of egocentric people I come across on any given day.  It’s as if the rest of us are bit players in the drama called their life and we are either entering or exiting the play as it suits them.  Sadly, most of these people seem unhappy that the world won’t simply conform to meet their needs or expectations.

A common thread through most generally accepted philosophies of life and/or spiritual belief systems is the concept of happiness being related to our impact on others not just how they affect us.  We need to embrace the fact that we coexist with other human beings and make choices every day about how we want these interactions to go.  We can genuinely care about other people and how our actions affect them (or not).   Our mindset can be to see the good in others and tap into this energy with openness, love, and support or choose a more close-minded cynical approach.  We can decide whether the means justify the ends, or the ends justify the means.

People live up to our expectations and mirror what they believe they are receiving from us.  Living a good life has always been a two-way street.   You are not the center of the universe but part of a constellation that interacts in ways directly proportionate to the energy fields and gravitational pulls of co-existence.

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