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Daily Leadership Thought #103 – Being Busy Doesn’t Always Lead To Success or Happiness

March 9, 2011

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Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you will be successful or happy.  In fact, many people fill their time up with useless or non-essential activities.  They run from meeting to meeting or event to event and wonder why the important stuff never gets done.  This behavior quickly becomes a habit and many of us find ourselves feeling that something is wrong if we aren’t doing something that matters.  Our days just seem to evaporate and ironically, individual accountability ends up becoming a negotiable concept as we fall further and further behind.    All this ends up doing is creating more stress and less happiness.

As stated in previous blogs, if everything is a priority then nothing is a priority. We need to begin to establish healthy boundaries again in our lives.  There is a place for work and a place for fun.  We need to tend to our important relationships as if they truly matter and allow adequate time for rest and reflection.  Our kids also need downtime and don’t need every minute of every day scheduled for them.  Doing things well takes time and focus.  In addition, all lives require some level of spontaneity and flexibility.  Lastly, inspiration and creativity need the space to be allowed to happen.

Being hyper-busy just evaporates time more quickly.  Maximize the moments in your life and strive to enjoy the ride.