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Daily Leadership Thought #93 – Embrace The Good Moments

February 18, 2011

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As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to appreciate the good moments. It is a beautiful Friday afternoon here in Frederick today.  The weather is pleasant, and the nearby park is filled with the noise of happy children playing.  Thus far we seem to have weathered the often-harsh realities of winter fairly well and spring looms on the horizon   It is also the end of a busy and challenging, but also productive work week for me.  In the regular hubbub of life, it is important to sometimes count your blessings and fully enjoy being in the moment.

We all need to accept and embrace the happy moments as they present themselves, otherwise life can feel like a treadmill (if you are not careful).  Of course, it is impossible to expect to enjoy or appreciate every waking moment.  There is a certain aspect of existence which is about muddling through and managing all the daily responsibilities of being human.  However, there are also many subtle moments of clarity where the universe is telling you to stop, enjoy and take in what’s happening around and to you.  The moments can be brief or long, but they exist for a reason.  And, that reason is to give you comfort, joy, and hope amid the complexity and demands of everyday living.  Have a great weekend!