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Leadership Thought #428 – There Will Always Be Naysayers; Move Forward Anyway!

March 18, 2013

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Never let naysayers impede your journey.

If I had a $100 for every time sometime told me something couldn’t be done, I’d be a rich man at this point in my life.  The cold reality is that most people are followers and are more comfortable sticking with the status quo than they are with the prospect of changing anything.

I would be equally wealthy if I had $100 for the people I met who talked a good game but then failed to follow-up with any real action.  It seems as if many people are content to sit on the sidelines of their own life leaving their fate in the hands of others and then complain about it.  Like most fans, people have strong opinions about what should or should not be happening, but then they don’t have the courage, talent, or fortitude to play the game themselves.

Don’t ever let other people talk you into mediocrity and out of success.  Instead of just focusing on obvious obstacles like time, money, and talent, spend your energy on reaching your goal regardless of the constraints.  This doesn’t mean you become foolhardy and take silly or unwise risks.  It means that at some point you must have the courage to bet on yourself, follow your passion and lead.  Just because something hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.  Just look at the history of humanity and you will easily conclude this is not true.  If naysayers ran the world, we would still be living in caves and dying before we reach the age of 30.  The biggest obstacle to progress is letting naysayers infect our thinking.

The next time you find yourself thinking about a better way of doing something or how to elevate your status, go ahead and think through how to get it done, develop a plan, and then do it.  Solicit feedback from those around you, but filter this information based on who it is coming from.  Pay the closest attention to the input from others who have achieved something with their lives.  Don’t be influenced by the naysayers.  Do your best to surround yourself with “can do” people who will balance reality against opportunity and potential.    Listen hard to what the latter group has to say, then look in the mirror, check your gut, and move forward if it still makes sense to you.  What is the worst that could happen?

Even if things don’t always turn out as planned, you will be building your character and learning from your mistakes.  Even if you are not successful, you will be better equipped for success the next time.  It’s your life, live it proactively!  Avoid the naysayers….and move forward in the direction of your future happiness.